Bruxism is the technical term for forcible grinding and clenching of the teeth.  Most of the grinding takes place at night, but some people find themselves grinding during the day.  People who suffer from Bruzism may also bite their fingernails or knaw on the insides of their cheek.  Becasue most of the grinding takes place at night, most people are unaware they are damaging their teeth until a netist notices the damage at a check-up.

Symtom Checklist

  • Jaw of facial pain and tenderness on awakening that lessens throught the day.
  • Headaches or earaches in the morning that go away as the day wears on.
  • Spouse or sleeep partner complains that the noise is keeping them awake at night.
  • Teeth have become sensitive to cold, pressure, or other stimuli.
  • Indentations on the tongue
  • Tips of teeth appear flattened


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